Who We Are


Shane OKoon Shaps

President, Founder, Community Manager

Shane Shaps has always made it her business to tell anyone and everyone she knows about a great product, brand or experience.

In 2009 she began to incorporate her social skills with her social media activity and 520 East Brands was born. The company serves as an online voice for the brands it represents. By using social channels, brands can more readily listen to their community, appeal to their customers’ needs and respond to questions and feedback. She feels strongly that a brand with just a Facebook page and a Twitter handle does not equal a social media savvy brand. Creating a real, human persona for each organization is what Shane feels truly represents a brand and the people behind it.

520 East Brands is committed to each client by seeing engagement from the consumer’s point of view. We take the time to develop the voice, to collaborate with our clients, and to stay ahead of new technology. We consider ourselves an extension of the marketing team.

Known to some as the “Professional Big Mouth,” Shane starts her day early, manages the schedules of two children, a husband and two labradors, and takes the action of “networking” to a whole new level. Whether online or face-to-face, her enthusiasm for her clients is infectious.


Meredith L. Williams

Director of Making Things Go

Meredith Williams is the 520 East Brands Administrative Assistant. She grew up in Louisville and loves all it has to offer as a big little city. She has held a variety of jobs in the past 20 years, from preschool teacher to car title clerk to nanny to youth minister. In 2010 she created Taking Care of the Details-a full service admin assistant company for business owners. Her typical clients get overwhelmed with all the big and small details of running a business. Meredith works with a variety of businesses and enjoys the new challenges they bring her each day. She is proud to have 520 East Brands as one of her regular clients. In her spare time Meredith enjoys spending time with her family – her husband and two children, as well as walking and cooking – all for relaxation.


Lindsay N. Spencer

Community Manager, Business Development (you get more titles when you bring in business around here)

Lindsay was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. She works full-time as a Client Service Manager for Deyta, in Louisville. She has experience in retail, customer service, marketing and administration. She loves traveling, scrapbooking, making cards and is an active member of Sojourn Community Church Midtown Campus. She also has found a fan in Shane’s tween daughter.


Candace Portman

Director of all things House Beautiful (and more)

With over 20 years in marketing (yes, she started as a baby), Candace has a diverse set of experiences from working with a variety of businesses including fortune 500 brands, medical practices, and local businesses. Throughout her career, Candace has often been a one-person marketing team, and is versed in many aspects of marketing: from plan and concept development, to execution and launch, media planning and placement, public relations and customer engagement through social media. In her role with 520 East Brands she enjoys leveraging those skills to create real connections with our brands’ customers. Engaging in those one-on-one conversations with others as excited about our brands as we are is her favorite part of the job. Seeing those real connections propel people to action – even better! When not on social media, you may find Candace spending time with family or playing in the mud. She loves to let her creative juices flow through a lump of clay and turn it into functional art.


Brenda Smith

Ghost Blogger Extraordinaire

Brenda is passionate about equipping people with the tools and resources they need to discover and connect with their purpose. Whether she’s serving in a small non-profit communications shop or in a Fortune 500 company, she knows how to craft and deliver the right message at the right time to just the right audience. She’s a jack of all trades, with deep experience in content management, website design and launch, social media, email marketing, writing, editing, presenting and more. But the real truth is this: Brenda works to support her parenting habit. When she’s not creating and curating great content, she’s dragging her three young sons on crazy outdoor adventures and promising them that this time she swears she will not get them lost.


Jason W. Spencer

En Memoriam.

Jason W. Spencer grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, only to have left the city to go to college in East Tennessee. Jason has a wide experience in technology and customer service, with a specific focus on big-picture strategy. Jason has never met a stranger. He loves talking to people and sometimes even has no problem talking to a wall. Internally, he’s also known as our IT Department, regularly answering the question, “Jason, what is this new app and how do I make it work?” Since connecting with people is a passion of his, networking people together comes as second nature for him.

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