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Social Media

It’s like this. You’ve been running your company, managing the pieces of your business you can handle and outsourcing what you don’t want to handle. Most people we work with at first knew they needed to be doing something – but weren’t sure what that something was. 520 East Brands brings the “something.” We even bring the “more.”

Whether or not you are “out there” online right now — people are talking about your company, relating to your customers. It’s happening whether you think it’s important or not. They are talking about YOU. And wouldn’t it be better to participate in that conversation?

Customers are the lifeline of your company. Shouldn’t you be taking advantage of every opportunity you have, whether in person or online, to have a conversation with them?

520 East Brands helps with the conversation. We set up the proper channels of online communication for your company, manage them and respond as they relate to your brand.

This doesn’t necessarily take a ton of time and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. But, ask yourself, how much is it worth to have an ongoing conversation with your customers? How much is it worth to have the pulse of what they’re saying? Because if you’re not listening to them — someone else is.

Think it’s going away anytime soon? Think again. This video by Socialnomics09, posted on YouTube on July 30, 2009, gives some astonishing statistics you may not realize. (Music by Fatboy Slim)


Clients include:


Itzy Ritzy - An internationally known company which manufacturers approximately a dozen childrens' items. 520 East Brands represents their school fundraising program in which school across the nation can help their community go green while earning 50% of sales by selling Itzy Ritzy Snack Happened™ & Wet Happened™ bags. These bags, in their adorable fabrics, are reusable and allow people to use less plastic bags each year. The snack bags are FDA-approved and can be created with your school or organization's logo. Contact shane@itzyritzy.com for more details or visit the website at www.itzyritzy.com/fundraising.
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