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Since 2008, we've been telling people about some of our favorite products. It's all about having a big mouth, really. So this page lists some of our favorite stuff and we encourage you to contact any of these companies directly. Many of these companies are small shops who count on people like us – people with a big mouth – to tell the world about them. I've known many of these manufacturers for years. And I want them to make it big! I don't necessarily work with all of these companies, but I want you to know about them. So check them out, won't you?

Itzy Ritzy - An internationally known company which manufacturers approximately a dozen childrens' items. 520 East Brands represents their school fundraising program in which school across the nation can help their community go green while earning 50% of sales by selling Itzy Ritzy Snack Happened™ & Wet Happened™ bags. These bags, in their adorable fabrics, are reusable and allow people to use less plastic bags each year. The snack bags are FDA-approved and can be created with your school or organization's logo. Contact shane@itzyritzy.com for more details or visit the website here: www.itzyritzy.com/fundraising.
The On Tray - The unique snack tray that clips right on to a shopping cart. Great for getting grocery shopping done with young children. Just keep popping Cheerios into the 5"x5" 100% recyclable tray and your toddler is sure to sit there longer as you stroll through the aisles. Great for holding coupons and shopping lists as well! Remove the top and the item is dishwasher safe. Made in the USA, by a mom. www.ontray2go.com
The Wee Hat - Truly the only hat to fit a newborn or preemie's head for the first few months. Available in a 3-pack in blue, pink or green. Soft as can be. Made of 100% cotton with no seams or scratchy tags. Made in the USA. www.weebaby.com
Baby Fish Mouth - Onesies and toddler tees in sizes 3-6 mts up to 4T. Available with a variety of movie slogans - but all rated "G." Favorites include "May the formula be with you," "The first rule of daycare is we don't talk about daycare," and "He made me a bottle I couldn't refuse." Many colors available, both short-sleeve and long-sleeve. Comes gift packaged in a popcorn box. www.bfmwear.com
Fabkins - Go green with these child-sized cloth napkins, made of 100% organic cotton. Set a more beautiful kids' table any night of the year. Also great to take on the go, or to send in a lunch bag. Available in several styles and colors. Seasonal set is also available for next year's holiday kids' table! www.fabkins.com
Spooneez - Brand new to the marketplace, this product, available in three sizes, several fabric styles and even an organic line, solves the problem of what to do with the messy utensils used to feed babyfood while away from home. Forget the Ziploc bag and go green with Spooneez..just roll up the mess. www.rollupthemess.com
HealthTracks...A Child's Health History - The best way to keep track of your child's health records, birth to 18 years. Includes sections for immunizations, allergies, sports & travel, dental, family medical history and more. www.healthetracks.com
Kids Central Kitchen - Cooking with kids can be fun, easy and healthy. These baking mixes require a very few, simple additions, have no trans-fats and are organic. Choices include Propeller Energy Bar Mix, Flip Flop Pancakes, Gluten-free & Wheat Free Chocolate Chip Flip Snack Bars. More available. www.kidscentralkitchen.com
Tuffo - Water-resistant equipment for families on the go. Water-resistant picnic blanket available in several colors, the Muddy Buddy for kids who play in messes (now available in pink!) and the Car Organizer. www.tuffo.com
Grill Charms (TM) - Recently seen on ABC's Shark Tank, these charms work like thumbtacks by sticking in grilled or otherwise cooked meat/chicken/pork/fish to indicate level of spice or temperature. www.grillcharms.com
Burp Sees by Zeebabee - The burp cloth that is not only soft and nurturing, but also helps to visually stimulate newborns and infants with its unique designs.
My Little Seat - the fill-in booster seat when you are on the go. A compact fabric travel booster seat that folds down to the size of a diaper in its own matching bag. Available in four colors, My Little Seat attaches to most any kitchen chair and is great for babies who can sit up unassisted or for toddlers who need a bit more security when sitting in a chair.
Con Leche, watches for nursing mothers - The watch that helps nursing mothers record the time of their last feeding, and which side. This product is patent-pending and is truly a unique and - as any mother who has nursed a baby can attest - necessary. http://mylittleseat.com
Vintage Body Spa - Vintage Body Spa offers only the finest natural, paraben free spa products to pamper and soothe the body and soul. Escape from the chaos of life by creating an indulgent spa experience at home. Whether you are looking for luxurious treats such as mud masques, body scrubs, soothing moisturizers or gentle handmade soaps, you will find a fine selection of natural skincare products that are cruelty-free (not tested on animals). Kentucky crafted, Kentucky proud. www.vintagebodyspa.com
Straw-lution - The straw that goes in but doesn't come out! Have you ever had your child drink from a straw and accidentally pull that straw out, flinging yogurt smoothie everywhere? Problems are solved with Straw-lution! www.strawlution.com
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