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Who We Are

Shane Shaps

Shane Shaps

Shane Shaps has always made it her business to tell anyone and everyone she knows about a great product, brand or experience.

In 2009 she began to incorporate her social skills with her social media activity and 520 East Brands was born. The company serves as an online voice for the brands it represents. By using social channels, brands can more readily listen to their community, appeal to their customers' needs and respond to questions and feedback. She feels strongly that a brand with just a Facebook page and a Twitter handle does not equal a social media savvy brand. Creating a real, human persona for each organization is what Shane feels truly represents a brand and the people behind it.

520 East Brands is committed to each client by seeing engagement from the consumer's point of view. We take the time to develop the voice, to collaborate with our clients, and to stay ahead of new technology.

Known to some as the "Professional Big Mouth," Shane starts her day at 5:30 am, manages the schedules of two children and a dog, and takes the action of "networking" to a whole new level. Whether online or face-to-face, her enthusiasm for her clients is infectious.

Get to know the rest of the team!

Melissa Chipman
(Photo credit: Michelle Jones)

Melissa Chipman, Twitter Specialist

Aside from managing multiple Twitter voices for 520 East Brands, Melissa is the Assignments Editor at Insider Louisville and has reported for The Louisville Paper, WFPL and other local and national media. She is also the creator of the My Loueyville blog and co-host of the Louisville, Not Kentucky podcast. She loves living in a river city, and all that Louisville has going on at the waterfront. From Waterfront Wednesdays to the Big Four Bridge to seats in Slugger Field where you can see the game and the river... Melissa loves that our city boasts some beautiful views.

Jason Spencer

Jason Spencer, Twitter Specialist

Jason W Spencer grew up in Louisville, Kentucky; only to have left the city to go to college in East Tennessee. Having worked at Humana, Inc., Apple and Southeast Christian Church, he has a wide experience in technology and customer service.  Jason has never met a stranger. He loves talking to people and sometimes even has no problem talking to a wall. Since connecting with people is a passion of his, networking people together comes as second nature for him.

Laura Nash

Laura Nash, Twitter Specialist

Laura started her career as a NICU nurse, working with medically fragile babies and their families. After having her 2 little boys, she switched roles and now manages two Twitter accounts for 520 East Brands. She also works in admissions and marketing for a business school. It's all about connecting with people, caring for them and helping them reach their highest potential. In her role with 520 East Brands, she combines her passion for writing and marketing with her love of science, medicine and health promotion. In her spare time, she spends way too much time telling her 5-year-old to stop licking his baby brother's face.

Nicole Pullen

Nicole Pullen, Facebook & Pinterest Specialist and resident Artistic Eye

Nikki loves to work with our team because every day, “I get use my creativity and bring my artistic eye to uniquely deliver a great marketing platform for each client,” she says. From current events to research for clients, her job allows for new knowledge to be discovered and discussed. As a chatter box and over achiever this is a very fun aspect of the job for her.  When she’s not working, she loves spending time with family. Nikki and her husband have two beautiful boys, along with a new baby on the way due in January. Additionally, she’s a professional photographer with photo credits in The Courier Journal and The Leo.    

Meredith Williams

Meredith Williams, Executive Assistant

Meredith is the 520 East Brands Executive Assistant. She grew up in Louisville and loves all it has to offer as a big little city. She has held a variety of jobs in the past 20 years, from preschool teacher to car title clerk to nanny to youth minister. In 2010 she created Taking Care of the Details-a full service administrative assistant company for business owners. Her typical clients get overwhelmed with all the big and small details of running a business. Meredith works with a variety of businesses and enjoys the new challenges they bring her each day. In her spare time Meredith enjoys spending time with her family-her husband and two young children, as well as walking and cooking-all for relaxation.  

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