Your Voice Online.

Providing cost-effective social media campaigns across multiple industries.

Creating true, human voices for your social platforms without appearing overly ‘salesy’

Measuring efforts, determining ROI and supporting sales efforts with a person-to-person approach.

Customizing a social media strategy that is applicable to your brand.

  • creative blog writing
  • reputation management
  • creating online persona
  • managing social strategy

Social Media Engagement

Professional big mouths. That’s what they call us. We just can’t help ourselves. The brands we represent in social media are so amazing that all we can do is talk about them – as them – all day long.

Here’s the deal. We pride ourselves on being the online voices of the brands we represent. We use social channels to create a real human persona for our clients – we define a personality for that brand and make it real. We create two-way conversation, one-on-one with customers and potential customers.

We keep it real, we don’t just shout about sales coupons and new products. We earn friends for your brand by building true, honest relationships. Because social isn’t about technology – it’s about using tools within technology to be real (note: knowing how to use that technology is necessary, and we excel in that department). The companies we work with don’t have the time, energy, staff or know-how to handle social media efforts so they rely on 520 East Brands as a crucial part of their team. We pride ourselves on juggling voices and keeping the conversation going. We measure our efforts, we collaborate with our clients’ teams, and we produce results.

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Today is Admin Professionals Day. Years ago, I met Meredith, who was building a business as being that "outsourced right hand," paying attention to all the details, keeping business owners on track. Meredith has transformed the way I run my business, offering the support our team needs to keep rolling. Meredith, thank you for everything you do. I couldn't do it as well without you. You are gem, a rock star, and I'm so grateful to have you on my team. ... See MoreSee Less

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