Your Voice Online.

Providing cost-effective social media campaigns across multiple industries.

Creating true, human voices for your social platforms without appearing overly ‘salesy’

Measuring efforts, determining ROI and supporting sales efforts with a person-to-person approach.

Customizing a social media strategy that is applicable to your brand.

  • creative blog writing
  • reputation management
  • creating online persona
  • managing social strategy

Social Media Engagement

Professional big mouths. That’s what they call us. We just can’t help ourselves. The brands we represent in social media are so amazing that all we can do is talk about them – as them – all day long.

Here’s the deal. We pride ourselves on being the online voices of the brands we represent. We use social channels to create a real human persona for our clients – we define a personality for that brand and make it real. We create two-way conversation, one-on-one with customers and potential customers.

We keep it real, we don’t just shout about sales coupons and new products. We earn friends for your brand by building true, honest relationships. Because social isn’t about technology – it’s about using tools within technology to be real (note: knowing how to use that technology is necessary, and we excel in that department). The companies we work with don’t have the time, energy, staff or know-how to handle social media efforts so they rely on 520 East Brands as a crucial part of their team. We pride ourselves on juggling voices and keeping the conversation going. We measure our efforts, we collaborate with our clients’ teams, and we produce results.

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We've reached Friday - a week where my two children made it through their first full week of the school year, we got back on track with tennis, baseball, cross country and homework, I volunteered at school, went to a synagogue board meeting, met with a potential client and potential strategic partner, met with several current clients, worked on planning my daughter's Bat Mitzvah, touched base with everyone on my team to make sure content was rolling out as it should, and worked out. And through it all, I had an awesome team backing me up. Thanks to each and every one of them and special shout out to Elizabeth for coming back and throwing me a lifejacket when I thought I might just drown. So good to be back as a team of nine! Have a great weekend, everyone! ... See MoreSee Less

That moment when a milestone pops up on your calendar! Congratulations to Candace Chase Portman who celebrates her second anniversary with our company today! Candace works on three clients, all in the "house beautiful" category. She understands the demographic and works directly with clients to make sure the quality - and the value - of the products and services they sell are properly represented. In her "spare time" Candace can be found showing the world to her son with her husband, or throwing a lump of clay at a potter's wheel and actually having that lump turn into something beautiful. Candace, you are a gem and I'm so grateful to have you on this team. Have a great trip this week!

Meet the rest of the team here:
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Happy Social Media Day! You'd think we'd be out celebrating, but we've got too much work to do. Thank you to our clients who entrust us with your brand, to carry out your message in a voice that sounds like you. And to this team of mine, I'm so very grateful for your knowledge and expertise. Lindsay, Jason, Leslie, Candace, Meredith, Chuck, Brenda and Elizabeth (whose last day is today)... you make us awesome. Have a great day, everyone! ... See MoreSee Less

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